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Anything you want, or nothing at all.

This legendary country estate will go for auction on 7/11/16

Estimated replacement cost between $30-$40M.  To be sold to the highest bidder at or above $3.5M.  For more information or to schedule your private tour:  800.791.0913

Consider the possibilities of this extraordinarily unique property...

Interested buyers are invited to unleash their creativity and explore the endless potentials of Beaver Dam Farms, including a variety of private and commercial applications.

Truly one of the last Great Places...

Nothing takes you away from it all like a visit to Beaver Dam Farms.  The relaxing nature of beautiful surroundings.  The peaceful sounds of the country side.  The spoils of luxurious accommodations.  Of course the more you experience it, the more you find yourself harboring the most wonderful of all fantasies..."I wish I had this place all to myself".  

Well, through this exclusive realestate offering, you can!  Imagine the possibilities of having the entire property including the golf course, accommodations, & facilities at your fingertips - with endless potential for either personal or commercial use.  


Originally the site of one of the grandest plantations in Georgia, Beaver Dam Farms is 900+ acres of pure resort perfection.  It is wonderfully secluded, totally relaxing, and intensely private - yet within 90 minutes of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta and just minutes outside of Athens.  From the luxurious guest cottages to the championship golf course, from the tranquil nature trails to the majestic horse barn, from the sunny decks of the lake house to the sweet smell of the colorful gardens...Beaver Dam Farms truly does have it all.


Personally designed by Kenny Rogers as a personal estate and getaway for family and friends, this all inclusive property is now being made available for private purchase. It is with pleasure that we share images and descriptions of this special property with you.  Should your require further information, or would like to schedule a site tour - please contact us at your convenience.

Conveniently Located


  • Approximately 90m to Atlanta, GA

  • Approximately 15m to Athens, GA

  • Approximately 10m to Athens Airport

People say the nicest things… 


“I have never enjoyed a better golf EXPERIENCE.”


M. Barnes



“It is impossible to describe this place.  Impossible.  You have to see it for yourself.”


K. Walker



“I didn't want to leave, and now all I can do is think about going back.”

T. Fox

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